Another year in the books!

It’s always great when your birthday lands on the weekend… so it was a good one! Now looking forward to continuing the celebration this weekend with good friends on a trip to Blacks Island, FL… and finding some inspiration from a different Florida point of view! I’m not sure I actually believe how many years I’ve now been on this planet, but I will just play along. It just keeps going faster and faster so I’m trying to savor each day & be grateful for all of the good things and people in my life! Each year brings more direction in where I want to go with my art. Getting ready for the big Mattie Kelly Festival of the Arts coming up in just a few weeks! I’m working with some new galleries that will be selling my art in the near future. Looking forward to checking out Art Basel and all the other shows in Miami at the beginning of December. Visit my updated etsy shop by clicking here or below!