Saying YES!

Isn’t it great how sometimes you just get what you totally need?! You ask the universe and it just gives it right to you… Might not look like what you asked for, but you will see. You can be going through something so hard in one part of your life, but you just keep trudging through on that one thing with all the right dreams and thoughts, and actions… and just watch, those doors will start to open.

Just two weeks ago, I got a phone call from a woman named Jena Rodriguez. From Houston TX, she is a brand coach, (referred by my friend Kim). I don’t know about you, but I follow a lot of other “coaches” online. I have downloaded so many freebies and get so many emails from a wide variety, mostly related to art, marketing & design. But never did one just land in my lap so gracefully as this one who I had not yet discovered. Jena is a friend of a friend, and was looking for a fun element to add value to her VIP luncheon (at Sandestin!) as something that would be an entertaining element and creative way to give back to the attendees. It was a fun surprise! Can’t wait to see the footage from her awesome photo & video team that were on the scene!

One of the best things was that I was also able to attend the event, enriching my own brand by digging deeper and asking questions about the challenges and working hard to move forward. I said YES to showing up to paint in front of a bunch of strangers, and I also had the opportunity to connect with pretty much all of those people that were there, who I can now call friends and business connections, Jena’s amazing community that she has created. I just went into it with an open mind knowing that everyone is at a different place in their journey. Maybe I thought that I know a lot of the things she is talking about already, maybe her program is not for me, but there is always MORE to soak up, and more to implement in my to-do list. Jena is surrounded by a wealth of wonderful people, the team, the attendees, her clients – all top notch, quality connections to learn something from.

On a different note, every time I do this LIVE PAINTING at an event, people seem to be amazed, including myself. Basically the adrenaline takes over, and i’m scared to death that I’m not going to have the right color of paint that I need, even though I’ve brought just about every art supply with me that I own. I enjoy the natural high of the adrenaline rush, as I’ve always thought that I work best under pressure and I like being on a stage, per se. I’m so happy that i’ve finally reached a point as an artist where I have what I like to think of as a “recipe” for creating my art, and I am glad that I’m not scared to pour it out of my heart in front of others. It really adds a unique connection to the art when able to see it being created. Looking forward to doing it again, hopefully soon!


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