TASTE Featured Artist

17807265_10156088412024465_5996282574454264752_oJust want to express a special THANK YOU to the awesome TASTE Tapas and Wine Bar in Ft Walton Beach, FL! This past month (April 2017), I was their featured artist – filling the walls of their restaurant & bar with my artwork. With no expectations of what would come of this, I must say that I was very happy with the outcome! They have a different featured artist each month, offering their space with a great amount of exposure. If you are a local artist with enough art to fill their space, I would suggest connecting with KC. The first Thursday of each month, they have a wine tasting, coinciding with my artist opening, was a great event! The FWB First Friday Art Walk was the next night after that, so I made sure to be there, which was a good decision. I have not participated in the Downtown FWB Art Walk in a while, so it was good to be back to see how it was going. I like how it is mostly on the backside of Brooks Street now, but still some action on the strip as well. I need to do it again soon! There is always cool stuff going on in downtown Ft Walton, and TASTE definitely helps to offer a cool wine bar scene, with a creative menu AND they also have a super weekend Brunch! Thanks again to KC and all my new friends at TASTE!


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