Forever Young.

With everyone getting ready to go back to school, I sure do wish I could go back now and do it all over again!  I was just pulling up some files up in my external hard drive, and found pix of some old pieces of art that I created when I was in school at the University of Alabama.

These were some of my favorite pieces that I created under the direction of the one and only Dr. Al Sella. Thought I would share in honor of… SCHOOL!  I do believe these are all somewhere in the Orange household in Montgomery, AL.

My cousin Miranda is heading to Tuscaloosa this Sunday to move in and start her freshman year at Alabama, and I’m totally jealous!  While my numbers may identify something that some would call “getting older”, I promise that I will always be FOREVER YOUNG.



Habitat For Humanity

Although I’ve never actually been directly involved in a Habitat for Humanity build, these past couple of weeks, I’ve dedicated quite a bit of myself, giving to this amazing foundation. The work they do is something quite special, and I’m happy to be a part of it in my own special way.

Last Friday night, I painted live at Habitat for Humanity’s Patron Dinner for the Destin Charity Wine Auction. What an amazing event this was! I was honored to have been there to be a part of this beautiful event. Set at the beautiful scene of the Bay House, overlooking Destin’s Choctawhatchee Bay, I set up my easel with my canvas and started painting while the wonderfully talented Chris Alvarado played guitar and sang. The attendees flowed in, as wine and champagne also began flowing. I continued painting as food was served by Chef Scott Serpas of Atlanta’s Serpas True Food, and we heard stories of the family who creates the Massolino family of wines. Throughout the evening I loved making connections with the guests as they stepped up to ask me about my process, or any other questions they had, and then to see those hands continually raising during the auction was quite and honorable experience.

The next event that I’m involved in with Habitat for Humanity is
HARD HATS AND HIGH HEELS, this coming Friday, May 5th 2017, at Trebeache in Santa Rosa Beach. I’m one of three featured designers in the “Brush With Kindness” silent auction, where we’ve each repurposed a piece of furniture from the Habitat Re-store. I found an old wicker headboard and have transformed it into a headboard with a big ol’ crazy set of angel wings! I also had the opportunity to design the invitation and program for the event. Looking forward to attending this unique event with the strong and empowering women of the Emerald Coast. If you are interested in attending, visit the facebook event page to purchase tickets here…
Hope to see you there!

TASTE Featured Artist

17807265_10156088412024465_5996282574454264752_oJust want to express a special THANK YOU to the awesome TASTE Tapas and Wine Bar in Ft Walton Beach, FL! This past month (April 2017), I was their featured artist – filling the walls of their restaurant & bar with my artwork. With no expectations of what would come of this, I must say that I was very happy with the outcome! They have a different featured artist each month, offering their space with a great amount of exposure. If you are a local artist with enough art to fill their space, I would suggest connecting with KC. The first Thursday of each month, they have a wine tasting, coinciding with my artist opening, was a great event! The FWB First Friday Art Walk was the next night after that, so I made sure to be there, which was a good decision. I have not participated in the Downtown FWB Art Walk in a while, so it was good to be back to see how it was going. I like how it is mostly on the backside of Brooks Street now, but still some action on the strip as well. I need to do it again soon! There is always cool stuff going on in downtown Ft Walton, and TASTE definitely helps to offer a cool wine bar scene, with a creative menu AND they also have a super weekend Brunch! Thanks again to KC and all my new friends at TASTE!

Abstract Bridal Portraits

A new way to remember that beautiful day of your wedding… a fabulous gift idea for the bride, or a special anniversary gift!

Place your order for one of my abstract bridal creations – a perfectly imperfect way to memorialize the best day of your life!

Price includes a heavy coat of high-gloss epoxy resin and embellishments if desired. Painting can be created on a gallery wrap canvas, or with a select choice of frame.

Please contact for more info and to discuss details… or use the contact form below. If you would like to place an order please email photos for inspiration, or a link to an album that I can look through, along with what size painting you want,  any specific colors you want, your name & phone number. You will be contacted to discuss details. PLEASE call or email with any questions you may have before ordering.



Live Painting at your Event

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Want to add a unique element to your next event? Maxine will paint LIVE at your next event: Fundraiser, Wedding, Convention/Seminar, or whatever it is you’ve got going on that you want to add a special & creative touch. For fundraising events, we can discuss options of how the paintings can help to add to your event’s fundraising effort. At a wedding, the painting can be a memorable piece for the bride and groom to remember the event and cherish forever. Please contact for more info.

Maxine is an impressionist / abstract style painter, and will capture the feeling and vibe of the event scene in your painting that you can cherish forever. She is a mixed media artist, using mostly acrylic paints along with a variety of other art supplies, like spray paint, oil crayon, pastels, glitter, sand, and other textural elements. We will discuss any important details that you want to be included, and if there are specific things you want or do not want.

Maxine suggests a gallery wrap 24″ x 36″ canvas at events, but can go up or down as preferred. Pricing (starting at $700) will be determined by the painting size you choose & travel distance required, also the amount of work needed to complete any personal details after the event. There will be an initial consultation, either by phone or in person, to discuss these details before giving you an exact quote. A 50% deposit will be required to reserve your spot on the calendar, and the balance can be paid at the event, or following by invoice.

The artist will arrive at least one hour before the event begins to set up easel, materials, drop cloth, etc.  Your guests will love to see the progression of the piece throughout the event. If you have any other questions or ideas you’d like to discuss, please contact via the form below.

Saying YES!

Isn’t it great how sometimes you just get what you totally need?! You ask the universe and it just gives it right to you… Might not look like what you asked for, but you will see. You can be going through something so hard in one part of your life, but you just keep trudging through on that one thing with all the right dreams and thoughts, and actions… and just watch, those doors will start to open.

Just two weeks ago, I got a phone call from a woman named Jena Rodriguez. From Houston TX, she is a brand coach, (referred by my friend Kim). I don’t know about you, but I follow a lot of other “coaches” online. I have downloaded so many freebies and get so many emails from a wide variety, mostly related to art, marketing & design. But never did one just land in my lap so gracefully as this one who I had not yet discovered. Jena is a friend of a friend, and was looking for a fun element to add value to her VIP luncheon (at Sandestin!) as something that would be an entertaining element and creative way to give back to the attendees. It was a fun surprise! Can’t wait to see the footage from her awesome photo & video team that were on the scene!

One of the best things was that I was also able to attend the event, enriching my own brand by digging deeper and asking questions about the challenges and working hard to move forward. I said YES to showing up to paint in front of a bunch of strangers, and I also had the opportunity to connect with pretty much all of those people that were there, who I can now call friends and business connections, Jena’s amazing community that she has created. I just went into it with an open mind knowing that everyone is at a different place in their journey. Maybe I thought that I know a lot of the things she is talking about already, maybe her program is not for me, but there is always MORE to soak up, and more to implement in my to-do list. Jena is surrounded by a wealth of wonderful people, the team, the attendees, her clients – all top notch, quality connections to learn something from.

On a different note, every time I do this LIVE PAINTING at an event, people seem to be amazed, including myself. Basically the adrenaline takes over, and i’m scared to death that I’m not going to have the right color of paint that I need, even though I’ve brought just about every art supply with me that I own. I enjoy the natural high of the adrenaline rush, as I’ve always thought that I work best under pressure and I like being on a stage, per se. I’m so happy that i’ve finally reached a point as an artist where I have what I like to think of as a “recipe” for creating my art, and I am glad that I’m not scared to pour it out of my heart in front of others. It really adds a unique connection to the art when able to see it being created. Looking forward to doing it again, hopefully soon!

Graphic Design

Over the past year or so, I’ve been working on marketing myself more as an artist, but I can’t let you forget that I’m a graphic designer too! Sometimes it is hard to figure out the right way to market yourself as an artist AND a designer, even though the two seem to go hand in hand.
I guess for now, I shall just keep on doing what I’m doing… asking, learning, seeing, growing, making, doing, creating!

Below are a couple of projects I’ve been working on recently that I’m happy to share!
If you need my design help or know anyone that might, please let me know! Artist Website

Doria Hair – Logo/Branding package

Painting LIVE at Hannah Martin’s Party!

PrintFebruary is here… and in less than 2 weeks, on Friday, Feb. 10th – I will do something I have never done before! I will paint LIVE at a huge monstrosity of a party, a masquerade ball no doubt!

Hannah Martin, Broker Associate of The Premier Property Group, is hosting her 3rd Annual Birthday Bash, which benefits the Special Olympics of Florida – Walton County. “La Lumière: A Masquerade Affair”, presented by Destin Plastic Surgery and Duckies Shop of Fun, will take place Friday, February 10, 2017, from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. hosted at St. Joe Club & Resort’s LakeHouse on Western Lake in Watercolor, Florida.

I am looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone at this exciting event! I’ve found myself something AMAZING to wear, a design by the wonderfully talented local 30a designer, Nicole Paloma! A special THANKS to my friend Kim Brundage of Style by Kimberly for leading me in the right direction!

And as far as what i’m going to paint… you will just have to wait and see. I really want to just see what comes out of me when I get there as I’m sure i’ll be all amped up being in this situation, but I will also have a plan in place in case the free-flowing is replaced by nervousness! Either way I’ll rock it out, and I am excited to participate in this fabulous event while giving back in our wonderful community!

Interested in attending? or just want to make a contribution? please click HERE!

Please make sure to follow me on Instagram, and/or on my new FB page for all the exciting details leading up to and throughout the event.


A set of personalized OTG247 bags with stripes and monograms very precisely painted by Maxine!

Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to work with an amazing new accessory company called OTG247. This wonderful line of bags, (created by Amie Swan) is simple in theory and has proven to be successful in its year of existence. I’m proud to be working with them, and gracious for the job that I do for them painting custom monograms and personalization for their adorable bags! The bags come in awesome colors and patterns, they are great for organizing inside of any bigger bag, for when you are traveling, or just to carry as a cute clutch; some are also able to be slung across you as a cross-body bag. There’s a padded computer bag for my laptop & a insulated one to keep drinks & food hot/cold, even a clear option for going through security at a football game or the airport! Hopefully you were lucky enough to receive one as a gift this holiday season, and if not, make sure to check out!